Good Company Gaming Guild Rules and Guidelines

These Rules and Guidelines are subject to change at the discretion of the Owner and Founder and may be ammended as necessary.

Guild Leaders

Guild Responsibilities are divided amongst Guild leaders. Responsibilities include, but are not limited to:

  • Administration
  • Membership
  • New Clan Creation
  • Dispute Settlement
  • Guild Development
  • Clan Management

Guild Leaders are charged to focus on healthy expansion and growth of Good Company Gaming Guild. Growth should include, but not be limited to, new games, new Clan development, membership, and the growth of Guild Members and their roles in Good Company Gaming.

Good Company Gaming Guild Leaders are highly encouraged to play within the Clans of the Guild. Guild Leadership status and responsibilities should not exclude the Guild Leader from gaming, as that would be contrary to the purpose of Good Company Gaming. However, while an "in Clan" Guild Leader represents a resource of experience and wisdom that is available to the Clan Leader, the Guild Leader is not required or expected to take control within the Clan. The Clan Leader has primary responsibility within the realm of his Clan.

Clan Leaders

Clan responsibilities are divided amongst the Clan leader(s). Responsibilities include, but are not limited to:

  • Clan Administration
  • Clan Development (Tournaments, Scrimmages, etc.)

Clan leaders will not necessarily always be Guild leaders, however a Guild leader can choose to lead a Clan.

Guild and Clan Members

Good Company Gaming Guild is a tight-knit community. As such, Guild members are free to associate and be members of any Clan within the Guild.

Guild members should contact the corresponding Clan leaders should they decide to be a part of a Clan. Guild members are not required to be a part of every Clan within Good Company Gaming Guild, but the option is open to them.

Old Clan members can retire from a Clan and remain only in the Guild. In order to return to a Clan, they should notify the Clan leader of their desire to return to active duty.

If a member desires to see a new game added to our Clan activities, talk to a Guild leader to determine if the need is strong enough to merit Clan formation. Also, be prepared to present yourself as a potential leader for this new Clan.

When the desire exists to form a new Clan within Good Company Gaming, the approval of a majority of Guild Leaders is required.

Recruitment and New Members

Recruitment will follow the following guidelines:

  • New recruits/members must be sponsored by an active member of Good Company Gaming Guild..
  • There is no application to fill out in advance. If you have been "sponsored", and the Guild leaders agree, you will be asked to fill out an application to join Good Company Gaming.
  • If you are hoping to join Good Company Gaming Guild please do NOT solicit (ask) active members to sponsor you. This is frowned upon, and will definitely hurt your chances of being sponsored and asked to fill out an application to join.
  • Though votes may be used to determine a general consensus of karma. Voting will not be used to decide membership.
  • The sponsor [of a prospective recruit/member] will follow a detailed internal process to present a potential member to Guild leaders.
  • A minimum of three leaders (Guild or Clan) will then make an initial review of the new sponsored recruit/member. At least one Guild leader and the Guild founder must be involved during the initial review.
  • Once the initial review is complete, the Guild founder will determine if an application will be requested from the prospective recruit/member. The sponsor of the prospective recruit/member will be notified of this decision as well.
  • If the prospective recruit/member completes the application and submits it to the Guild founder, a decision should be reached within two to ten weeks.
  • Membership into Good Company Gaming Guild is based more on perception of how well a prospective recruit/member will get along with the Good Company membership, and not based necessarilly on skill. Therefore, there is no "tryout" necessary.
  • New Members will be above the age of 14 as a ‘general guidline’. Exceptions will be made, but will be closely scrutinized by Clan and Guild leaders.
  • Other Clans may be added to Good Company Gaming Guild as we expand and grow. However, these will not be formed without Guild leadership approval and without someone deemed a responsible Clan leader. "Mergers" will be generally opposed, but not completely disallowed

Other Issues

No recruiting, advertising or promoting is allowed at Good Company Gaming Guild. This includes, but is not limited to:

  • Advertising or promoting a Clan or Guild.
  • Advertising or promoting html links to websites or forums.
  • Advertising or promoting other game servers of games that Good Company is currently active in.
  • Advertising or promoting TeamSpeak or Ventrillo or other voice chat servers.

Methods deemed innapropriate for the above actions includes, but is not limited to:

  • Using the Good Company Gaming Guild forums via a public post or the private message system.
  • Using text chat in Good Company game servers.
  • Using text chat in the Good Company TeamSpeak server.
  • Using voice chat in the Good Company TeamSpeak server.

Disciplinary actions will be dealt with by Guild leaders and/or appropriate Clan leaders.

When a Guild or Clan member becomes involved in a dispute with members of the Good Company Gaming Guild leadership and does not feel their position is being properly considered, they should seek out another uninvolved Guild Leader to mediate the situation. The Guild Leaders will consider all sides and make the best decision according to their judgement.

When a Clan or Guild member (current or past), becomes involved in another Guild or Clan outside of Good Company, any recruitment efforts directed towards Good Company Gaming Guild members will be viewed as inappropriate behavior. The Guild Leaders will consider all sides and make the best decision on what actions to take according to their judgement.




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