Thank you for considering a donation to Good Company Gaming Guild!

If sending your donation through PayPal, please send it to, or use the link or Donate Button below.

If you would like to mail a donation, please send a check or money order along with a note with your Forum Username to:

Mike Rudie
PO Box 2106
La Crosse, WI 54602

Using PayPal, you can make a one time donation by clicking here or on the PayPal button below.
Another option using PayPal is to sign up for a "subscription". By doing this, you will automatically make a donation each and every month for whatever amount you choose. This is a nice option if you want to donate every month. Click on one of the following based on the amount you'd like to donate each month:
If you use IE6 and these buttons don't work for you, go here

$10 Monthly Donation
$15 Monthly Donation
$20 Monthly Donation
$25 Monthly Donation
$30 Monthly Donation
$50 Monthly Donation
$75 Monthly Donation
$100 Monthly Donation
$150 Monthly Donation

Just a few thoughts regarding donations to .:[LSE]:.

The expense of running a site and game servers like .:[LSE]:. is quite costly. When I started this grand adventure of running my own MoH server my initial thoughts were to have a small server where I could play privately with some of my friends. Well, this little "hobby" of mine quickly grew into something much more. In the early days, I had no problem covering the costs myself, but as LSE grew into MORE servers, a bigger website, the addition of FORUMS, and the addition of a TeamSpeak server, it became glaringly apparent that I needed to start accepting donations to keep LSE at its current level.

I think you will understand from the FAQ below that donating funds to cover expenses is totally optional, and donating will not give you any special privileges over anyone else. Your donation can be totally anonymous, or you may decide to take part in the "Donator's Club" as discussed below. I appreciate you considering this, and any donations will be appreciated immensely!

IMPORTANT: If you make a donation by PayPal, please use the "Notes" section or send me an email and let me know your Forum username. If you are sending a check via mail, please include a note letting me know your Forum username. (If you are sending a check, it would also be helpful if you send me an email letting me know it's on the way along with your Forum username.)

Thanks.... Mike, aka .:[LSE]:.vkdawg


Q: Why does Good Company Gaming Guild need donations?
A: The costs of running these game servers and providing this website exceed $750.00 each and every month. Not to mention the costs, Mike Rudie also spends countless hours maintaining, moderating and programming in an attempt to make this one of the finest MoH servers/website available.

Q: Do I HAVE to make a donation to Good Company?
A: NO. Donating to Good Company is totally optional. You will not be treated any differently if you decide not to donate.

Q: Why should I donate to LSE?
A: Do you ENJOY playing on these servers, using this website, and participating in the forums? If you do, than I think "helping the cause" would only come natural. If you are offended by Good Company accepting donations, or you're completely broke, or you just don't believe in donating to a "free" game server, or for whatever reason you are certainly not obligated. You will still be able to do everything your currently doing.

Q: If I donate does that give me an exemption from EVER being kicked or banned from Good Company (servers, website and/or forums)?
A: NO. If you donate today, but commit actions tomorrow that would normally get someone kicked or banned from Good Company you will not receive special treatment. (You would still be kicked or banned by committing actions that necessitate such action.)

Q: Will I automatically become a Good Company member if I donate?
A: No. Donations will not be a deciding factor in the decision on who will become Good Company Gaming Guild members.

Q: Are there ANY privileges at all for donating?
A: Along with the pride of helping out one of the finest Gaming Communities online, you will also be able to participate in the "Donator's Club" which will be a Private forum on the Forums page. It's not a huge benefit, but here you will be able to have a private place to discuss the LSE servers, website and forums with others who have been kind enough to donate.

Q: Will my donation be anonymous?
A: After you make a donation send me an email (or use the "Notes" section in PayPal), and LET ME KNOW if you'd like to remain anonymous. There is a special button that appears on the forums for those that donate and choose to join the "Donator's Club".

Q: How much and/or how often should I donate?
A: This is a question you will have to answer for yourself. I am not going to ask for any particular amounts, or state whether you should make a monthly donation. Please do whatever you feel comfortable with. Whether it be a one-time donation, or a monthly donation, a quarterly donation or a donation whenever you simply "feel like" donating. Whatever you decide is up to you, just understand that all donations whatever the amount or when you do it will be greatly appreciated. The only thing I'll mention in regards to this is that although a large one-time donation would be nice the expenses are paid monthly. If I had a preference it would be for periodic contributions rather than a one-time donation. What would be really nice is if you could put a NOTE in your donation and let me know if you plan on this being a one-time donation, or if you will consider donating more in the future - that will help my planning on paying the expenses as they come up.

Q: How will I know how much has been donated to Good Company?
A: You will be able to come to this page of the website, and see the percentage of expenses that have been covered by donations for the current month, and the following 2 months.

Thanks again for coming to this page. If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to use the "Contact" form.




Good Company NEEDS Your Help!

For a detailed accounting of donations -
Visit the Blog (click here)!

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